Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things we miss !!!

Moving to the desert has been a delicate balance between temporarily letting go of a few things we love...and embracing our life here. We are pretty open-minded and have fallen in love with some things here also (next post) but for the sole purpose of this one, here is a snapshot of our life back home and a few things we miss:

An Aussie super food!

Many days I have contemplated a 5hr drive to Dubai just for these delicious 'bikkies'

One of our favourite Margaret River wineries!

If only our internet connection let Duma play online w/ his mates :(

Playing's pre-season back home and we are missing out.
So I'm playing netball and Duma is playing aussie rules :)

Bonds underwear and tank tops *sigh*
It's the simple things you know?

Our lovely local Asian eatery...delicious, cheap, lightening fast meals :)

We miss this tomato sauce, ketchup is NOT the same thing!

Good 'ol chicken crimpys = the whole box annihilated in one sitting

Mail that gets delivered to your HOME!!!


  1. ummmmmmmmmmmmmm Tim-Tams....

    Miss 'em too...

    Drive the 5 hours damn it - it will be worth it...


  2. Ha well I will need a roadtrip buddy ;-)

    May need to buy extra packets in case we eat them all on the way back!!!

  3. rofl... can picture the scene...
    will be a kinda thelma and louise trip to Dubai - although maybe we should take 2 cars (for the extra timtams)... and a gas stove for the coffee.... :)

  4. I *just* found a wine store ("found" is a strong word, the store is on my street) that has just started stocking Madfish wines. Unwooded Chardonay, Sav Blanc, and Cab/Sav/Shiraz @ $7/bottle :)


  5. @ Ross - AWESOME news and $7 is great :)
    Drink some for us, we don't have our liquor license yet but have had Karl to stock up our beer/cider/vino stocks...