Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Douchebag Blogger of the Day Award...

Goes to *drum roll* Stilletos In The Sand.

Now, it isn't 'polite' for me to link to her blog, but those of you that care enough to know how mad I am right now will search for it...and I guess I will bypass polite later in this post by backing up my rants (which I'm sure will backfire on me later). Better not rat me out readers ;)

She didn't win the award because she hates Obama - I won't get into politics as that is as taboo as religion, which is the other thing I won't get into. She is entitled to her opinion, as I am mine (who cares if he does a good job, the US finally realised a Black President *fist pump*).

It isn't because she wants breast implants, a tummy tuck or flaunts the fact that she has a 'Houseboy' (who is a grown man with a wife and many kids, might I add) who has not been home to see them in 3 years...yet talks about him like he is the shite on her toast. That must make you feel better Stilletos?

It isn't the fact that she is about to become a Grandmother, yet she is constantly talking about the tummy tuck and breast lift and the personal 'fluffing' she will get courtesy of her husband's wage (gross!).

And it isn't the fact that she has 'polls' for the public to answer when she and her hubby have a tiff OR she has something poignant to say...ok ok so I kind of think that is funny and would like to know how to do a poll on my blog!?!?!

BUT IT IS because:

She openly admits she doesn't care about Haiti...and she shouldn't necessarily 'care' but the fact that she goes on to say things like "America will look like that soon" - as IF! 50% literacy levels in America? How about you just go get a tummy tuck and breast implants with your poverty Stilletos?

Check out the comments here where she openly says "As bad as I feel for the children getting "all shaken up," the best thing that could happen to Haiti is for another couple of rumbles to happen and then for someone to take a coat of paint to the place. Start all over."

Are you *F'n* kidding me? You are about to be a Grandmother and you are talking about innocent children in a country where they have braved the odds just to be alive prior to the earthquake...then you talk about another couple of 'rumbles' and a coat of paint? SHAME on you!!! Don't donate...that is your choice...and I guess so is freedom of speech *insert my rant & wrath*...but you are welcoming your children's chidren into this world and more worried about boobs than dead bodies...WOW?!?!?! You must sleep well at night. Go buy some more pink booties and knit a sweater, oh thats might ruin your manicure!

And then Stilletos talks about the devastation in Haiti in the same breath as the "shortage of maids in Saudi"?!?!?! Seriously? Even if you are joking, that fact that you put that out into the cosmos makes you a douchebag of utter proportions! Stroke your fake breasts and fluffy furry kids and go and berrate your houseboy while you are at it why don't you? Make you feel better? Oh Lord, please pass me more Semillon Sauvignon Blanc!!!

I digress people. Disagree or agree with me, I don't care. Just FEEL for the people around the world who are trying to live day by day that have done NOTHING wrong and have never known what its like to have ANYTHING!!!

Or if you are Stilletos in the Sand, bury your head in that silly red sand and put those designer clothes on under your abaya, make your appointment with the surgeon and buy your Grandchild some expensive items...because you are alive and can.

You are a Douche!!! And I'm spent...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Points of Contrast

So far today has been a good day - a combination of walking a measly 5k along Qurum beach front and then drowning myself in coffee - both of which are apparently normal Winter activities for Home Executives such as myself (yes, I'm still waiting for my supposed work visa AND subsequently looking at other jobs as a plan B) here in Muscat. There is something to be said for 25 degree celsius weather in winter.

But I gotta admit that my heart is a little heavy today. Sipping on my extra large peppermint tea and munching on my Banana Nut granola bar (yum) gets me thinking about how great my life is and how blessed we are to be 'here'(both geographically and emotionally). In our corner of the world there has been 2 significant things occur of late - Monday's decapitation-style execution in Saudi Arabia...and news in the UAE of Sheik Issa being found 'not guilty' of torture (amongst other horrible things) whilst under the influence of drugs, though somehow avoiding arrest for all crimes including the latter!

This region truly is a place of contrast - the good, the bad and the ugly. And whilst there is much good going on, its unfortunate that today I'm focusing on the ugly...but it is what is current and on my heart right now.

On one hand a person *insert brother of the current UAE ruler* gets off scott free for the likes of torture and supposedly one of the most progressive and liberal countries in the Middle East. Then just a hop, skip and a jump away their neighbour is carrying out 'justice' in Chop Chop Square. I'm gob smacked.

I have said it before but people in Australia often complain about Perth being small...about it lacking the lights, camera, action and all that jazz. But it has its own appeal - the beaches, the laid back lifestyle, the people and its safety (other than Northbridge at night) and yes - it is the most isolated city in the world BUT it is charming and a great place to raise a family, while enjoying nature at its best.

Oman is a lot like Perth, which is why I refer to it as the Perth of the GCC. It is picturesque in parts, it is laid back 99% of the time (100% when it comes to my work visa) and it is a great place to raise a family. Noone is threatened by Oman and Oman isn't threatened by anyone else, we tend to mind our business and are safe here, also steering clear of the results of 'little man syndrome' which is apparent in Dubai with the million skyscrapers and always having to build the next world's biggest thing.

We are lucky where we are right now and today I totally get that and I'm thankful. I walked 5k along a beach front, soaked up the sun and didn't have to wear an abaya. I was accepted in my 'tomboy attire' of cargo shorts, t-shirt, hat and runners. I was able to drive myself there and pay for my own coffee, able to chat openly with a friend about life and gossip, fortunate to make it home irrespective of the hundreds of terrible drivers in traffic, and I will thankfully be lucky enough to enjoy a glass of wine tonight and sigh because my life is good.

I love Oman! Thank God Duma took a job here in Oman and not in the UAE or Saudi.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Degrees of Separation

Today has been a good day, for many reasons. But one reason in particular is that I was reminded of just how small Oman is and how everyone knows everyone (don't get worried fellow bloggers in Oman - I don't know who you all are just yet!)...and this was a good reminder, not one of the "oh no she didn't say that about me" *finger snap* 'damn, everyone knows my business' type reminder.

Back in the day I worked for many years for Fitness First and through that job I met heaps of cool people from all over the world. Its great when some of them become good friends and you stay connected on a deeper level, but its also great when some are purely acquaintances but it all comes full circle eventually at a later time in your life.

I met *S as he hung out with some of the guys I was friends with through the gym, and they all trained together. Pretty hardcore actually, but they weren't the roids guys or 'meatheads' who would check themselves out in the land of endless mirrors, snarl, drop their weights on the floor, or grunt endlessly...they were just a nice bunch of guys who all trained really hard and ate religiously at the chicken & rice place in the Carillion Arcade in the city (leanest chicken ever! Wow I miss that place) whilst chatting about what a legend Ronnie Coleman was (IS!), the latest training techniques, Musashi protein drinks etc etc. Anyways, *S and I would often exchange pleasantries, chat from time to time, I would berrate him for forgetting to bring his ID card to swipe in (and make me break the rules by letting him in without it), and such was the friendship. I never knew where he was from, just knew he was an international student and studying in Perth, looked like he could have been anything from Persian to Egyptian to everything else, but I never asked 'what' he was as it didn't matter...Australia is like that...a melting pot of cultural backgrounds and nationalities.

So I'm chatting on FB today with a friend, one of the guys *S was friends with in the gym days, and he tells me that *S is from Oman, Muscat actually! You have got to be kidding me, thats awesome and I would love to catch up with him. I get a friend suggestion with *S's profile and low and behold he is living in Paris now, but hey, I will request him as a friend anyways.

I hear back from him immediately and we are re-connected, happy days :) Here we are chatting about Jebel Shams, the best shwarma places and whether or not I have gotten used to the staring here (yes, I stare back) and then he sends a FB private message to me and another girl (also from Perth) so that we can get to know one another and I can make a friend...and low and behold I met her at a friend's Xmas Eve dinner party. THE WORLD IS SO SMALL!

I'm not sure if you all know the concept of Six Degrees of Separation, but it refers to a 'web' or number of steps or connections that we all presumably 'know' any other person in the world...but here in Oman and Perth is sure feels like 2-3.

Its been a great day to re-connect with some cool people, re-live the past, and appreciate that things do come full circle eventually.