Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oven - attempt # 4

The Oven technician FINALLY made it to our house this afternoon, after 3 failed visits (in the past 2 weeks) and us venturing to Carrefour and pleading with the C/Service Manager for some attention. FYI - Jesse @ QCC rocks! She kicked some ass and took some names, literally :)

I'm really hoping it is all fixed now as this is visit #4 and they know the warranty only has a few more months to go before hands are washed and shoulders are shrugged.

: So, what was the problem with the oven you ask?
Answer: Oh nothing really, it would just overheat...A LOT! Which meant that the knobs would literally shoot off the oven (I'm not even close to joking!), springs would go flying, parts were melting and food was burning...blah blah blah.

Yep - doesn't take a rocket scientist to assume that something is up with the thermometer/temperature gage and inner-workings. Oh, there was also an issue with smoke WHEN THERE WAS NO FOOD IN THE OVEN!!!!!

So that all being said - I'm REALLY looking forward to "attempting" to cook:

1) A roast & veggies (doesn't matter that it is too hot to eat)
2) Muffins
3) Baked fish
4) Banana bread
5) Scones

Wish us luck!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wonderful weekends

Kudos to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos on 40 years of ruling Oman and subsequently the economic progression & liberation of women that we all experience first hand.
And what better way to celebrate than partake in a holiday tomorrow to enjoy the happy occasion, however we all shall choose.

It's going to be both interesting & exciting to experience Renaissance celebrations this year in Oman, that's for sure!

We have friends taking advantage of the brilliant summer resident deals @ Muscat's finest 5* hotels; others have made the drive to Dubai for a change of scenery & the compulsory Ikea run (someone please tell me that an Ikea will be in the new mall near Lulu in Ghubra?!?!?!); while some have taken off to Khasab or Salalah.

And what are we doing you may ask? Today consists of:

- Sleeping in, blueberry pancakes & coffee.
- A few calls to friends & family back home***
- Visiting LeftBank for the obligatory Friday sundowner "cocktails & tapas" with some dear friends.

*** FYI - we switched from the God awful Omantel yesterday & took up Nawras' Wi-Max offer. The counters were choc-a-block but I can honestly say with my hand over my heart that Nawras service was still better than Omantel/Oman Mobile on their best day! Anyway, it seems that our VPN is now working again and we can make calls which is a God send :)

I'm going to be switching back to Nawras for my mobile too, it is service related as well as the fact that I like their logo & marketing campaign better. It's a girl thing ;)