Sunday, November 1, 2009

Long time No speak...

Sorry for the lack of blog action lately guys! It's not that there hasn't been anything going on, just that we have had issues with the internet, as well as me temporarily losing my mojo* (I was in a funk actually) which led to me having no interest in reporting the goings on - got to tell it like it is right?

* If you don't know what mojo is, go here to find out :-)

There still isn't anything poignant that I have to share but I do have my mojo back! I feel like Austin Powers (minus the bad teeth) but I have that spring back in my step ... sometimes I just want to bust out dance moves 'Austin Powers style' for no good reason - is that wierd? lol. The things that go on in my head sometimes, I tell you...

I think we all have those days where we have zero motivation = just can't be a$$ed and don't care. Only mine felt like a week long hangover minus the copious amounts of alcohol - I just didn't want to do anything and why not, when I didn't have to?

I think my mood was born from the fact that I'm still not working yet & constantly waiting on contractors and service providers to show up or do what they should, when they should. (There is a total lack of urgency here in Oman to get things done, as well as all the hoops you have to jump through just to complete a simple process). But still, its a beautiful country - you can't win for losing!

Now, what has happened since I last posted?

* Duma was in Dubai for a week's work, so I was left to entertain myself. This meant avoiding the urge to clothes shop (I did buy MAC makeup though, an addiction of mine - oops!), but LOTS of cleaning and baking which I enjoyed...all but scrubbing the floors and walls! (If you ever want a recipe go here and here, these 2 sites are a gold mine for ideas and they are all rated by other users. I have been using them for years!

* I finally got my resident card, after being here for almost 2 months! I pretty much had to stalk Duma's PRO though to get him to do the paperwork and meet me, but we got there in the end.
The funny thing was, they told me to meet him at the place and to "look out for the short Omani, with a long beard, who barely speaks English" - great! So after waiting for 30 mins in the smelliest place on earth (do Indians not wear deodorant at all?) Mustafa and I found each other and off we went. This is where being a woman was truly an advantage, as the women's waiting area and lines are much more quiet and speedy :-)

* I went back to the dress shop here in Muscat, since they bought in a wedding dress from London that I really loved...tried it on and it was a great fit - simple & elegant. Yay, happy days and my gorgeous Mum offered to pay for it so now I just have to go back with a friend and take some photos to send home to Mum/MIL/BM's to get some opinions :-)

Dress shopping by myself was actually ok, but when you have 2 Filipino Sales Assistants telling you what you want to hear, it isn't particularly objective...only a massive ego boost but I welcomed it nonetheless :-)

* I was offered a job - great news right? Yeah it is great and I really like the sound of the company, the team (I will be the only female), and the work they do. BUT (there is always a but right?) they work Sat - Wed + 1/2 day on Thursdays (our equivalent of a Saturday), which is less than ideal. Also, the pay is about 2/3 of the other job I am waiting to hear back about so I'm just in limbo at the moment.

How long is too long before giving them my decision? I'm thinking a week is ok, but don't want to burn my bridges by taking any longer. So I'm trying to speed up the other offer and finally (after 3 weeks of waiting, since my 2nd IV) I sent a 'stern but tactful email' highlighting the situation and my other offer. Within a day the HRM emailed back an apology and said "your contract is sitting on the GM's desk, waiting for his initial". So it sounds positive, but you just never know here - it could sit on the GM's desk for weeks before anyone actually tells him its there or puts a post it note on it lol! God knows how long it has been there already - you have to laugh about it right? :-)

* We now have an ADSL connection, only I had to go back to the Omantel office a few times as per their process of "come in and apply for your phone...then wait for the technician. Then come back in and apply for internet...then wait for the technician. Then come back in and get your username/password before you can use" - we are now 5 weeks later! Tell me that you don't see the duplication and the inefficiency in that process?

Funnily enough, they stuffed up the plan that we wanted because the CSO was flirting with me. He was talking to me about his cousin living/studying in Sydney, which led to some banter about the recent Socceroos win over Oman. Then he said "he says the women in Australia are very beautiful, this is true I see" and I didn't know what to say but smiled and said thank you.
Then I looked at the receipt and noticed that he had put us on the wrong plan, proof that men just can't multi-task by flirting and processing a transaction at the same time!

So what happened? Of course I had to go back to the office yet again (the next day) as they couldn't correct it on the same day as the mistake. It would be entirely too logical to just make a note in the system and call me the following day, to let me know it was done *insert sarcasm*

* Duma came back from Dubai late on the Wednesday night, then flew out to Bahrain Thursday morning to play footy (he is playing for the Muscat Magpies in the MEAFL). Unfortunately they lost by 2 goals, but they managed to drown their sorrows and enjoy a boozy night out. Then their flight back to Muscat on Friday afternoon got cancelled, so all the hungover Aussies/Irishmen/Canadians decided to hang out at a local pub for the 6.5 hour wait = a long and tiring flight after a big night out & hair of the dog!

So during my down time (a total understatement) I caught up with some friends who I have been neglecting for a long time. They did not disappoint me either - eye candy and entertaining!

I am spoiled because Duma came home from Dubai bearing gifts - duty free alcohol & Greys Anatomy season 1 (I couldn't find it anywhere in Muscat, the shame) and I watched all 9 episodes in 1 day! I *heart* this show...the sexual tension....the chemistry...the sarcasm and the sexual tension (oops, did I say that twice? ;-)

We went to Home Centre last night (armed with our 70 RO voucher) and bought Season 2 = happy girl! I'm looking forward to parking myself on the couch later this afternoon with coffee in hand, to relive the shennanigans of Seattle Grace Hospital's finest.

* Looks like we have sold our beloved Getz Sxi back home in Perth, so all is good in the world and our credit cards. My brother has been instrumental in this, thanks Muss!!!

* My friends Ant & Gaz (its an Aussie thing to shorten names - Barry = Baz, Gary = Gaz etc) may visit us this month...we aren't sure yet as Gaz is currently in Dubai working so insha'allah they will swing by Muscat at some stage, which will be exciting for us...our first visitors! So Duma & I need to prepare a fun weekend itinerary just in case, jam packed with Omani adventures.

Ok so enough babbling, I'm just recapping the past 1 1/2 weeks and you are probably worse off for reading but I am back on the blog train and am glad to have my mojo back!!! x

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