Monday, November 2, 2009

Things we love :)

As stated in the last post, we have grown extremely fond of a few things here and wanted to share them with our friends. Sure, this place can be crazy, mixed up and backwards in many ways...but once you get past the bad driving and the time it takes for things to get is an amazing place that has changed our lives forever:

We love going Wadi Bashing and trekking, this gorgeous place is wadi shab

MAC is everywhere, happy days! In Perth we only had one store :(

This neon spectacle is 'Lulu Hypermarket'. We love late night and 7 day trading!
How will we ever move back to the shackles of Perth?

Channa Masala, mmm. I have always had a thing for chickpeas :)
Indian food here is SO good!

Best coffee and service in Muscat, hands down!

Camping on the beach = fun and serenity! This is As Seifa beach...

Turkish House = cheap & yummy turkish food (duh!)

5G water = AUS$3

Sucks that people talk on their mobiles in the movies, but its seriously cheap!!!
Popcorn, 2 tix, large drink, bag of maltesers = AUS$20

Muscat Rugby Club - great people, chilled out atmosphere and cheap drinks...whats not to love?


  1. Make sure to go swimming in the Sink Hole :) I think it's time I went back to Wadi Shab! :P

    How much is a cinema ticket now? I think they put the price up? RO 2.5 or 3.0?

  2. Ooh really? We went to the sink hole in May but didn't have a dip as we were off to Wadi Tiwi anyways.

    Ticket at Shatti is RO 3.0 as far as I recall :)