Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tales from Giants

Another funny shopping trip last night to Ruwi high street (looking for sunglasses, shirts and cologne) made me realise just how foreign and BIG Duma and I look in comparison to the Indian community. (another post soon re: male affection within the Indian community).

Over here we are giants, and I don't just mean tall. We are surrounded by lovely but tiny people of the Filipino, Omani, Indian, and varying expat community and sometimes its depressing. Not so much for everyday life because we like being tall...but it hits home on uneventful shopping expeditions (about 99% of the time) and results in my feeling very unfeminine (in my case of course).

I have a large foot which some have come to describe as "Ronald McDonald foot" idea why? Being a size 10/11 shoe or 42 Euro is hard in Oman, where literally the ONLY place I can find shoes in my size is Marks & Spencer @ Markaz Al Baja mall, only a measly 30 mins drive away from where I live. And don't get me wrong, I like turning up the tunes in the car and driving in general... but in Muscat, driving is unorganised chaos (not like Bali where its organised-mad-chaos and people are smiley and courteous) is utter madness and a deathtrap on the best of days. Plus, the choice is pooh :(

Duma on the other hand is a 14/49 Euro and we both have the same problem, there is only 1 store that fits each of us and go figure, they aren't the same store and the quality is NOT good! The Sales Assistants - bless their cotton socks - look at us like we are crazy when we ask "Do you have a 42 or 49 in your sizes?" because the answer is always "No, the biggest anyone has here madam is 41/46".

So I'm making damn sure that when we go home in March, I am bringing a shit load of shoes and clothes back :)

Oh and the clothes, don't even get my started! We have a shop that we always go to to buy...wait for it....genuine fakes! Oh the irony but I laugh whenever they say that, we grab shirts to send home to family and they love them because seriously, who knows and who cares for a tee shirt? Anyway, they sell ladies Lacoste polos and I have a couple myself, so was looking to grab some for my friend back home. Now I'm a sz. 12 normally so what does that equate to in Indian or Filipino sizes??? SIZE XXL people - WTF?!?!! Are you trying to make me feel inadequate? Oh and when we first arrived in Muscat I bought a business suit from Sacoor Brothers @ MCC and again, being a sz. 12 in Muscat, what does that equate to? SIZE 18 people - shriek, the horror!

Seriously, no wonder many of the expat wives visit beauty salons and spas everyday here, because when it comes to clothes and making yourself feel don't unless you bought them from home!

Now, I'm off to start the Jillian Michael's 30-day shred that my friend got for me (and has worked wonders for her) and see if I can shrink to at least an XL Lacoste polo :)


  1. you gotta be kidding me... :) you serious about your sizes?? Do me a favour and dont wear high-heels when we meet... ;)

    But I am also having the same problem with my kid's clothes (I haven't looked for anything for myself - but now you have scared me off!)

    my little one is 6 - and I had to get a 10 - 12 year old swimming costume... but he's short like me - so get him some shorts that fit his waist - they look like long pants... haha

  2. Ha ha ha, see you guys Tuesday morning for drugs, I mean coffee? :)