Saturday, October 10, 2009

Winner winner chicken dinner :-)

I just got home from collecting the tickets that Duma won to Khasab (on Oman's National Ferry service) via a competition on the Hi-FM radio website. Cheers Hi-FM :-)

The day he won them we were emailing back and forth and I was telling him how lucky my brother is since he is forever winning competitions and finding money (well the latter as a kid anyways) - jealous much? Then Duma gets a call the same afternoon from the radio station to say that he has won 2 tickets to Khasab...what a spin out! Here is what we will be riding in:

We can't wait...what a great way to chillax and take some photos of the coast (its a 6 hr cruise up to Musandam) and spend a weekend away, while checking out the most northern point of Oman. Looks like we will probably do some snorkeling or see the dolphins, trek around and check out the fort, oh and my personal favourite - a dhow cruise! Will write an update and post pics when we get back from the trip...

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