Saturday, October 3, 2009

~ I believe in Karma ~

Warning - driving in Oman IS hazardous to everyones health!

On Thursday afternoon we were driving from CCC and heading to QCC via the road near the Nissan dealership, it was a hot day out, all was good and we had a full day of weekend activities planned...I was texting Lisa back at the time, sitting in the backseat while Duma was leisurely driving and talking to his Dad. The next moment I looked up we saw a small white car clip a motorcyclist...the motocyclist wobbled around trying to regain their balance and was then clipped again by the same car and flung to the ground!

And what did the driver do? They pulled over and were overcome with guilt, worried about the guy right??? WRONG! They braked for a second...then proceeded to speed off through the light and continue towards the main Qurum roundabout - BASTARD!!! They knew they had hit someone and didn't care enough to even stop of find out if they were ok.

As we were directly behind the crash, we immediately stopped in the middle of the highway to help the guy (who by this time was convulsing and in complete shock) - but we were torn because we wanted to chase down the guy who did it, so that there would be some justice in the world...The traffic was at a stand still, the petrol cap had come off the bike and there was petrol Duma turned his bike off while FIL and I tended to the man...trying to make sure he was conscious and frantically yelling out for the bystanders and 'rubber neckers'
to call the ROP and Ambulance.

FYI - there were the three of us actively trying to help the guy, a group of about 12 Indians who had apparently jumped out of a couple cars on the service road...all 'watching', and there were about 6-7 Omanis who were standing on the road divider and barking out orders.
Damian was smart enough to jump in the car to move it further up the road because of all the petrol, and to make way for the Paramedics.

Next thing we know, an older Omani guy walks up to us and tells us to move the crash victim -

Me & FIL: We can't move him, he may have a neck or spinal injury
Man: Well we can't leave him here, look at the cars piling up and he will die out here in the sun
Me: What are you talking about? It is a person and we aren't going to move him just bc of traffic!
Man: Take off his helmet
Me: No! We need to wait for the ambulance, has anyone called the ROP?
FIL: Is anyone here a Dr?
Man: (speaking Arabic to bystanders) We are moving him...the Police will take forever

So what do they do? They picked him up (looking like a Rag Doll) and moved him into the backseat of a nearby car, as the three of us cringed at possible injuries he endured as a result of being moved...and within a minute the ROP were there and directing/clearing traffic.

We tried to give a witness statement to the first ROP officer, who said he didn't speak English.
The second ROP officer was too busy checking papers of the guy who was going to drive the injured man to hospital (before the ambos arrived), so we interrupted him to give a find out that he also spoke limited English.

So what could we do? They said we could go ahead and leave, but FIL was smart enough to hand them a business card to have someone call us later about the incident, hoping they would bother. To their credit, the ROP office did call about an hour later, though considering we only knew it to be a small white vehicle (which could be anyone) with a yellow plate (which means a locally registered car I think?) our report was useless and will probably amount to nothing.

I was so can someone be so self-absorbed and have such little regard for another human being, an injured one at that? How can you sleep at night, knowing that you put someone in hospital, who could have been your son/father/uncle on any other day???

I believe in karma and truly hope that the driver gets what is coming to them...

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  1. This is simply awful! He must have decided that its easier for him to get away with it and live with guilt rather than face it all and accept blame. But it's gonna get back to him, one way or another, and I guess the worst type of punishment is to continue living with a guilty conscience forever.