Friday, October 9, 2009

All Hail As Seifa Beach!

Last Friday we ventured off to As Seifa beach with a few new friends (some Aussies, Irish folk, Saffers, a Brit and a couple of Omani expat brats - self proclaimed!), an esky full of cold drinks, plenty of food for a BBQ lunch, our swimming gear, a frisbee and soccer was probably the BEST time we have had here so far, well at least this time around anyway.

The drive was beautiful, such amazing scenery and we never get tired of driving through little villages and seeing how the people live - all with smiles on their faces but bloody rubbish everywhere! The Tiida did well getting up the steep hills and over the soft sand, thank God Duma knows how to handle beach driving as I would have gotten us stuck for sure!

We didn't take any pictures as it was H-O-T and we couldn't be bothered making the trek back to the car to get Duma's good camera and I left mine at home. But we will hopefully make it back out there soon, so pics will follow!

The water was that greeny-blue that makes you think of Mauritius or the Seychelles, so clear you can see for metres in front of you and the temperature was great, like sitting in a lukewarm bath! We parked just to the right of a private cove and stayed there until the sunset.
We definitely plan on heading back to camping, sleeping bag under the open skies and stars - sounds like heaven to me...

My girlfriends will understand this - it was SO nice to be able to get out of town and wear something I own and normally wear, not having to worry about who I might be offending/attracting or how much skin I am showing! Bearing in mind, I only wore a tankini and a pair of boardies given that I wasn't sure before we left home, but I could have worn a bikini and I would have been fine :-)

And sun..oh how I love thee! When you live in such heat and humidity and sit in air-conditioning all day everyday (hyundai - ok corny joke lol. not sure if its international though?), it is paradise to go somewhere and sit in the sun with a cold cider and enjoy the breeze...reminds me of all the great beaches we have back home in WA *sniff sniff*

So here's to new friends, new beginnings...and a new favourite beach!

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