Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My rant - What's a woman to do ???

So I'm sitting at home and slowly pulling my hair out...what on earth is a woman to do here in Muscat with no job, kids or pets to take care of? I know, to most it sounds like a life of luxury but:

* Sitting on your a$$ and watching daytime TV (I'm officially up-to-date on everything that Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kadashian are doing - as well as how complicated Denise Richards life is...NOT!)
* Visiting the gym (the Phillipino trainers there have no idea what they are doing and NO, I don't want to register and pay extra to use your slimming machine - what are you trying to tell me?)
* Go shopping (bc you spend more time in the carpark than the actual store) because I can't find a pair of shoes my size anywhere :-(
* Sleeping in everyday (resorts to my old friend 'insomnia' paying me unwelcomed visits)

...gets old REAL quick! And there is only so much cleaning and cooking you can do without becoming OCD or bake up a storm and risk eating my life away and looking like a house.

Ok, so here are definitely worse things I could be doing but seriously, I'm going insane and need an outlet, have even resorted to online study options or doing a course of some kind. Any suggestions people? Poor Duma and his Dad have been working such long hours and when they come home to ask me me about my day, we all just stop for a minute, smile and then giggle...as if it was any different to yesterday but thanks for asking! I just hope that I don't start talking to myself and going crazy, makes me think about Angelina Jolie in "Girl Interrupted".

I had a job interview about a week and a half ago, prior to Eid holidays and finally heard back from them last night. Although I have good working experience, I think the fact that I haven't worked in the Energy industry may set me back a little given the position is managerial...but they rang to say that they "have something in mind for me, will draft the details and send them over to me in next few days for me to consider"...so we shall see if its a suitable package and something that will engage or stimulate me. At least there is a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel...

I know I know, when I do find a job I will be whining about 'not' having enough ME time or complaining about having too much to do and how exhausted I am, but that doesn't help the way that I feel now...are we never happy??

I have a brain that used to be paid very well for all the 'hiring, firing & BS' that I did...but now I feel it slowly melting away...even as I type my blog and update my status on facebook, I am suddenly overwhelmed by my apparent dyslexia or inability to spell - is that because I am no longer intelligent?

You have to laugh about it or you just resort to tears...and I have become more emotional than usual. Thank God Duma is so understanding, patient and accommodating.

I have never been a big spender and shopping for the sheer sake of it to me isn't a thrilling activity, my outings need to have purpose or a goal in mind. Plus, when you aren't working or contributing to the household income, it doesn't feel nearly as good, well not to me. I have a conscience and have never had to rely on anyone in terms of money - even when I was old enough to get a part-time job I was delivering newspapers, refereeing basketball or working as a checkout chick...so this is a big change for me.

Plus, I like having my own story to tell each day, a sense of accomplishment and gossip to share from my J-O-B. My job has always been a big part of my identity...plus you spend more time at work than you do at home = social network and friends. I can say though that we have met a few cool people here so far, which has been great. One of them said that "blogging has saved me thousands in therapy" and I would definitely have to agree!!!

Anyway, this post was never meant to be as melancholy as it reads, more just me venting about the situation and feeling like I am in limbo. Hopefully I hear about this job soon or some of the other opportunities that I have in the pipeline...now I'm off to watch "Candy Girls" and learn how to pole dance, audition for a music video and make that money girl! lol.

** check out the 'slang*tion*ary' - Deuces people! **


  1. I was in limbo for nine months. It almost killed me (I'm a hyper-active workholic naturally) but now I crave the days when I was a couch potato. It'll pass. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. maybe you should take up Xbox 360??

    Seriously though, I hope the right job finds you soon :)

  3. Jess,
    I'm so glad you're doing this blog! What a fantastic experience. I'm actually planning on going to visit a friend in Pakistan next year and hitting Morocco on the way back so I can use my Arabic. If you guys are still in Oman, I'd definitely love the opportunity to experience the both the African and Middle Eastern Muslim cultures. Hang in there with the job, something will turn up--I'm sure.

    Araki fi ma ba'd,


  4. @ Nadia - thanks so much for the support, great to hear from likeminded women in this area :-)
    Love your blog too!!!

    @ Vans - it is getting tempting but seriously, I don't even stand a chance. You have and Duma will set me up like Coppacks and I just don't have it in me!!! lol. Job will take time, I'm just not the most impatient person, but cheers mate!

    @ Ash - yeah its a good outlet and we have some funny storied to tell but by the time I get on the PC i forget them...have resorted to carrying my camera in my handbag so I can shoot and write! Let us know if you are planning on being in this neck of the woods...

  5. DitD

    Just get a job - maybe part-time - once you make some contacts. A lot of the more switched on SMEs will hire you if you are good and have the right experience/skills. You don't need a work permit. There's no income tax anyway, and there is no effective enforcement.

    Yani, this is Oman. All such things are negotiable.

    If pushed, you don't of course get paid for working (you do that for 'free') but simply get 'recompensed for reasonable expenses'...

    Welcome to Oman!

    Undercover Dragon

  6. Thanks for your thoughts UD,

    'Yani'? Not sure I know what that means or refers to? :-)

    I actually have been lucky in a sense, when it rains it pours they say and fortunately my patience is paying dividends:

    * I am waiting on a contract to view at some stage this week, for a FT role in my area of expertise
    * have an offer for a part-time role (though the salary will be limited I think and they want me to get back to them about what I want)
    * Think I have an IV lined up also for a product I absolutely love! Though again, salary and benefits will probably be considerably less than I am after
    *Have a few other things in the pipeline

    But UD, I prefer to have something legitimate as I want to maximise our opportunities here and also, I don't want to be one of the very few that they do 'catch' over here working without a permit, it would be just my luck!