Saturday, September 5, 2009

Relocation during Ramadan

So Duma and I are finally back in Muscat, after having travelled Europe & the UK for the past few months and getting back to see the families in Australia - but what a relief to be able to set up shop and not live out of a suitcase for a while!

We are excited to get back in to a routine and add some structure to our lives. I can honestly say that I'm excited to start work again, though as a Western Woman in Human Resources, I don't like my chances for the short-term :-(
But any help in that area or similar ones (Recruitment/HR/Training/Admin) would be much appreciated...I'm not looking to be an HR Exec, just to make some money, stimulate myself a little in an intellectual sense and be exposed to a new working environment.

The recent challenge for us has been getting a car and accomodation sorted out as we have arrived in the crux of Ramadan. Duma started work today and luckily enough we have family to stay with until we get on our feet. So I'm sitting in the apartment frantically trying to get through my "To-Do-List" - emailing car leasing companies, real estate agents and looking for jobs at the same time. What a royal pain in the a$$ - so much waiting and I'm WAY too impatient to spend weeks on end as a pampered woman sans children to take care of!

Ok ok...and so I'm reading some of my favourite blogs too - loving 'Angry in Oman', 'Muscat Jet Driver' and 'Culture Shocked' :D

Question - are there any women's groups out there for 20 & 30-somethings? I am interested in getting to know a few of the girls around town, maybe joining a book club or fitness group (AIM - where did you get the 30 Day Shred DVD? I want to get it!) but am not having a huge amount of luck. As most people know when moving to new and interesting places, it's not what you know it's 'who' you know...and I'm excited to make new friends, get involved in interesting dialogue and just test the 'social waters' in general.

So here's to our new life in Muscat and cheers to those who read, reply or we cross paths with.


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