Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fancy a ham sandwich?

Duma was slightly hungover yesterday and as a result, we did absolutely nothing yesterday...nada...zilch! It was great to recharge the batteries, as I'm currently recovering from getting too much sun and we are both a little rundown.
I think the day consisted of couch surfing, facebooking, Grey Anatomy watching and ordering in Mumtaz for dinner :)

Lazy much???

I was, however, sent to the shops to get some food for lunch and the request was for a cheese, tomato and ham toasted sandwich. Now normally this would be an easy one to rustle up back home, a no brainer really and not a delicacy of any kind. But here? Ham isn't your wallet's friend - ham is like gold to a non-Muslim. Ham is like that expensive pair of Jimmy Choo heels or that new set of golf clubs or that ring you have been eyeing in the jewellery store see it, you want it, you envision that your life would be better with it...but you just can't justify it and totally lose out when you do a quick cost-benefit analysis in your own head.

But on this occasion, Duma was getting what he wanted and logic was thrown out the window. And that is ok, because he is the finance guy in the relationship.

After much too-ing and fro-ing about which ham to get and how much, I settled for 5 slices of fancy honey ham. The guy even sliced a piece and let me taste it (I thought it was a trick, can I eat this in here?) and it was lush...we have not eaten ham since we were back home 5 weeks ago! It is the little things in life isn't it?

Anyways, he hands me the package and wow...I almost choked on the remnants I was still chewing on. Guess how much it costs me? (I should have taken a photo of the sticker, but I don't have that BB Bold 9700 yet).

Drum roll...

5 slices (lets just say 6, since I got to eat one) = 5.9 RO = AUD$17.50!!!
I almost died, but in Duma's state I knew he needed it and there was no going back.

We managed to make 4 small toasted sandwiches with 3 slices of ham, so there are 2 slices sitting in the fridge and I will be damned if they end up developing fur like the cucumber and lettuce does in our house. I'm fairly sure that Duma was going to sneakily head home for lunch and devour the rest, and for nearly 18 freakin' dollars I hope he does!

Oh and don't get me started on baby spinach leaves, are they watered in God's tears for that price??? I for one am waiting for the copious boxes of Indian mangoes that I have heard so much about!!! Bring on Mum's galliano-soaked mangoes and champagne ;)


  1. suffering from ham-deprivation sounds serious! lucky for me i'm not a big ham/bacon person so it never bothered me if it was scarce... but I can imagine your pain! Which must be made worse by the price! Sheeeesh almost R6!! How much is bacon out of curiosity?

  2. If you have to ask, you can't afford it...