Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hidy Ho all,

It has been a while and a lot has happened since my last post. Namely:

Bali = massages. pedicures. husband's with outrageous facial hair. games of euchre. tequila. wild dogs. gin. sun. a wedding. great people. rain. more sun. awesome villa. bali belly. bop it. grocer & grind. kudeta cocktails. hens night (FAIL). hens night shennanigans. bintang!

Perth = girls afternoon tea. hangover. AFL grand final #2. engagement party. family. vino. great weather. great friends. coffee & breakfasts by the beach. enjoying a run in the middle of the day. wearing shorts above the knee. Perth Zoo. Witches Cauldron. Ecco gourmet pizza. niece & nephew cuddles. Family dinners. shopping. packing. busy!

So here we are, back in Muscat and there is a lot going on. Sports and work are in full swing, we have joined the world of Couch Surfing and are currently hosting 3 fabulous people now (see next post), and the weather is cooling down a little - with today being a 'balmy' 37 degrees!!!

More updates to come, thanks for your patience...

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