Monday, June 7, 2010

Qurum traffic

Does anyone know what the frick is going on in Qurum business district? Traffic has been backed up for days and the area opposite QCC and Muscat International School seriously brings me to tears. I don't even get road rage, but seriously the number of douchebags out there who cut across multiple lanes OR taxi drivers who have the nerve to cart passengers and risk their lives is beyond me!

Normally it would take me 5 mins to get home from QCC after grabbing grocery items or heading home from the gym...but the past 2 days it has been 30+ mins in traffic each time, where I have had to daringly stare down anyone who thinks they can squeeze into my lane IN FRONT OF ME from 2 lanes over. The hardcore Maori in me wants to start doing the haka mid traffic, but I live in a country where you can supposedly be arrested for "giving the bird" (did I tell you that one time [at band camp] I was pulled over for having a dirty car?). True story.

Anyway, this was the result of having a fly young Bvlgari-blinged out lass in front of me who wouldn't let the beamer chick in front of her = the age old Muscat battle to merge.

The picture doesn't do the situation justice at all, I'm ashamed but hey, I never professed to being Ansel Adams or Salim Al Harthy.

This was repeated by every frickin' driver out on the roads in Qurum today - Lord help me if I have to come home from that direction for the rest of the week.
THE GYM CAN WAIT!!! Roll on Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred @ home dvd*.

*After tonights meal of homemade hamburgers, washed down with Peroni that is ;)


  1. the lights have been shortened so they only allow 3 cars per lane through at a time on green (7 per lane if you include the red light)

  2. Thanks Fred, where did you get your info? And any idea why the change?

  3. the situation on the Wadi Adai to Amarat is adding to any problem with lights - the traffic is backed up from mid way along that road to somewhere near Al Khuwair at peak times going home - and into morning work from the midway point to goodness knows where

  4. MAN I would PAY to see you do the Haki in the middle of the traffic...
    yeah - we got stuck in it yesterday... Strange how it's suddenly started doing that... we just put it down to something Phet stuffed up that hadn't been fixed yet... :)

  5. Oh my I guess this is something to look forward to! I heard the driving was bad!!! And I thought us Queenslanders drove badly! I think I am going to fit in! :-)