Monday, April 19, 2010


It has apparently been 2 whole months since my last confession...How in the hell did that happen!?!?! That doesn't even sound right, but I suppose I have been out for the count, all for no good reason.

But seriously, I just haven't had anything substantial to say. I haven't had anything new to report. Other than a swing by old London town and a mosy on down to the Land of Oz, life for us has pretty much been business as usual. Until now.

We have booked to go to Bali in early October for our good friends' wedding. Hip hip hooray for holidays and good times! Roll on jam jar cocktails, cheaper than cheap all day spa appointments, the Hens/Bucks night, staying with 5 other awesome people in a private villa, oh and of course THE WEDDING :)

*slaps self out of future holiday daydream bliss*
Now to focus! I have hit the wall, am brain-dead due to trawling through boring HRMS data and am in deserate need of a strong, frothy and delicious caffeine fix just so that I can muster up enough energy to make it to training tonight. Or, do I flag training, suck it up and make my 58670312590 millionth visit to the Nawras & Oman Mobile stores (this week), to sort out my ongoing Blackberry issues?

Why in this part of the world are customer service people so incompetent BUT oh so nice while they are at it??? It makes it near impossible for me to be mad at them over a basic issue. And exhale........

Moving on, I dedicate this 'return of the Mac' post to 2 friends who kicked my proverbial blogger-butt into gear. 1 with the ever sweet "please blog, I miss reading you". The other with an eloquent "hurry up and bloody write something, I now have nothing to distract me from work".

And so...I have emerged from the dust and re-joined the blogging cosmos. Did you miss me?


  1. Ah! there you are... :)
    was wondering what had happened to you.. :)
    Welcome back :)
    miss you


  2. About bloody time!


    Did you go to training? Or did you fix your crackberry?

  3. @ Gatvol - looks like you are due for a confession too :)
    @ Sythe - I didn't do either, I was too spent and didn't get my coffee in time! Instead we celebrated D's freedom from study with a date night - dinner at home and too much beer :)
    @ AIO - awww bless x

  4. Great to have you back :) Glad you were able to slap yourself out of your holiday daydream .. I just slouched 3 inches further into my chair while thinking about bintang and sunshine.

    - Ross

  5. I'm following a strict diet of Tim Tams and meat pies to get ready for Bali. Can't wait!