Monday, February 1, 2010

Under your skin?

I think I have a fan / a hater / a nemesis / a blogger foe?

Stilletos - I'm posting especially for you today, because according to you I am not much of a blogger as I have been AWOL this week. Touche, you hit the nail on the head, I'm not a career blogger - kudos for that bright pick up. You get a gold star, two more and you can take the yellow bus to school ;)

Unlike you, I have a fulfilling and enjoyable LIFE in my part of the Gulf and while we are at it...I don't enlist the services of a grown ass man / houseboy to do my housework for me. It isn't because I can't, it is because I'm above doing that when I don't need one. Oh, and maybe my houseboy money is feeding the people in Haiti, just another dig for you ;)

It makes me giggle actually, that I apparently hit a nerve with a woman who "doesn't care" about lil' old me or Haiti...but appreciated the increased blog traffic nonetheless. You are welcome my dear, I guess its probably refreshing to have some people stop by who aren't brain-washed or obsessed with Obama, but have a genuine opinion about life in the Middle East, as opposed to those who bow down to your Jimmy Choos - or are they stilletos of the extremely high clear-heeled kind???

Anyway, I appreciate that whilst posting about your bitch-switch today (a mutual follower gladly let me know, I didn't venture into Cowsville I can assure you) that you thought enough about lil' old me? But you aren't getting another award.

Don't flatter yourself. From one non-serious blogger to another, your douchebag award was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I retired it when you won. Hung your jersey from the rafters and announced it to the world. There will never be another douchebag like you.

Who do you think you are, Taylor Swift cleaning up at the Grammys? You don't get two awards in one week for a repeat bitchy performance.

That is all...


  1. LOLLL, It seems I have some catching up to do... I wasn't one of the ones who helped to increase the traffic ;0)

  2. Eishhhh, As us SA's would say, Hi am making the odd comments trying to get into this Blogging thing ;0) Sorry but I Never wana get on your bad side Especialy if your in Stiletho's.LOL Just kidding I enjoy Reading the folks blogs, and do Not have a Good Book right now, so Reading de Bloggs is On.:0) Wow, Long time No coffee time??!!