Thursday, February 11, 2010

I *heart* UFC

I'm so excited - UFC 112 is going to be in Abu Dhabi @ the outdoor Concert Arena, Ferrari World Theme Park, Yas Island Saturday, 10th April!

Let us pray.
Dear Lord, please watch over Duma and I as we search high and low for tickets to the event. Let those who see read our plea on Facebook, Blogger and Buzz pass on the helpful information that we need to buy the much coveted tickets. We pray that we will be able to get the time off work, that our employers won't mind that we will have only one week earlier returned from our trip back home, and that they will encourage our desire to watch some serious a$$ kicking.
Lord, hear our prayer. Amen.

I know this post has nothing to do with anything but Duma and I seriously love us some UFC - we watch the replays in the morning over our conservative breakfast of coffee and vegemite toast, and we religiously follow the Ultimate Fighter shows too. Never heard of Kimbo Slice? That guy will give you a heart attack without even throwing a punch, by simply removing his shirt and opening his mouth *stares blankly*

This mofo seriously does NOT play around. Check him out on YouTube, he is stone cold!

So anyway, a little while ago I was told by a friend here that I must be hiding some 'nuts' somewhere in my bag of tricks since I guess I have tom-boyish tendencies (LOVE my cargo shorts, wearing baseball caps, I drink beer and follow sports). Oh but don't get it twisted, I can totally rock some heels and pink lippie (J* - that one you gave me is actually working for me!)...when I speak MAC it isn't the Apple I'm referring to ;)

Its just too bad really for all those people who believe that I should be sitting at home knitting a jumper or cooking Duma's dinner, because I totally dig the camaraderie and dedication shown in the UFC (hate the chatter and trash talking, but its all part of the promotion). I have a college friend from the States, Mark Munoz, who fights and I have been following his career ever since we graduated. An amazing wrestler, family man and all around good guy.

While Mark and Kimbo won't be fighting at UFC 112, I don't care. I don't care what the card is for the night, all I know is that we want tickets and we want them BAD! So if anyone knows how I can get some, I will be your best-friend if you share the knowledge.

Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top. There, is that girlie enough for you? ;)

** Edited** Mark might be fighting after all, but its yet to be confirmed. All the more reason to go now!!!

*** Edited again *** Mark IS fighting so we are hoping to get the hook-up - YES! ***


  1. Oh my goodness- You just gave me my laugh for the day. Good luck with the tickets! If you do get them, I think the cargo shorts, baseball hat and heels would be lovely.

  2. Good luck with the tickets - I will keep my nose to the ground :0)

  3. Ha Ha ha. Good luck!!!

  4. Hi Kristi - thanks for stopping by and glad I could make you smile :)

    @ ED - Cheers, I know we can buy them now but its the leave from work that I'm worried about!

    @ Deepti - thanks ;)

  5. I'm currently hosting the kitten vs heavy weight UFC kitty edition at mine ;)Let me know if you're interested in a cheap substitute.

  6. Come on now, stop ogling these toned beefcakes and give us an update ;0)