Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Douchebag Blogger of the Day Award...

Goes to *drum roll* Stilletos In The Sand.

Now, it isn't 'polite' for me to link to her blog, but those of you that care enough to know how mad I am right now will search for it...and I guess I will bypass polite later in this post by backing up my rants (which I'm sure will backfire on me later). Better not rat me out readers ;)

She didn't win the award because she hates Obama - I won't get into politics as that is as taboo as religion, which is the other thing I won't get into. She is entitled to her opinion, as I am mine (who cares if he does a good job, the US finally realised a Black President *fist pump*).

It isn't because she wants breast implants, a tummy tuck or flaunts the fact that she has a 'Houseboy' (who is a grown man with a wife and many kids, might I add) who has not been home to see them in 3 years...yet talks about him like he is the shite on her toast. That must make you feel better Stilletos?

It isn't the fact that she is about to become a Grandmother, yet she is constantly talking about the tummy tuck and breast lift and the personal 'fluffing' she will get courtesy of her husband's wage (gross!).

And it isn't the fact that she has 'polls' for the public to answer when she and her hubby have a tiff OR she has something poignant to say...ok ok so I kind of think that is funny and would like to know how to do a poll on my blog!?!?!

BUT IT IS because:

She openly admits she doesn't care about Haiti...and she shouldn't necessarily 'care' but the fact that she goes on to say things like "America will look like that soon" - as IF! 50% literacy levels in America? How about you just go get a tummy tuck and breast implants with your poverty Stilletos?

Check out the comments here where she openly says "As bad as I feel for the children getting "all shaken up," the best thing that could happen to Haiti is for another couple of rumbles to happen and then for someone to take a coat of paint to the place. Start all over."

Are you *F'n* kidding me? You are about to be a Grandmother and you are talking about innocent children in a country where they have braved the odds just to be alive prior to the earthquake...then you talk about another couple of 'rumbles' and a coat of paint? SHAME on you!!! Don't donate...that is your choice...and I guess so is freedom of speech *insert my rant & wrath*...but you are welcoming your children's chidren into this world and more worried about boobs than dead bodies...WOW?!?!?! You must sleep well at night. Go buy some more pink booties and knit a sweater, oh thats might ruin your manicure!

And then Stilletos talks about the devastation in Haiti in the same breath as the "shortage of maids in Saudi"?!?!?! Seriously? Even if you are joking, that fact that you put that out into the cosmos makes you a douchebag of utter proportions! Stroke your fake breasts and fluffy furry kids and go and berrate your houseboy while you are at it why don't you? Make you feel better? Oh Lord, please pass me more Semillon Sauvignon Blanc!!!

I digress people. Disagree or agree with me, I don't care. Just FEEL for the people around the world who are trying to live day by day that have done NOTHING wrong and have never known what its like to have ANYTHING!!!

Or if you are Stilletos in the Sand, bury your head in that silly red sand and put those designer clothes on under your abaya, make your appointment with the surgeon and buy your Grandchild some expensive items...because you are alive and can.

You are a Douche!!! And I'm spent...


  1. *trys to look cool snapping her fingers*
    YOU GO GF!!!
    Oh how I wish I had the guts to say it like it is...

    I am also going "off" Stilletos blog which I used to enjoy - now I just tend to skim the first paragraph and move swiftly on...

    Haiti is a world disaster and regardless of race, creed, colour, or financial level one should be feeling the pain that is happening there..

    To let you know tho' that there are people who care - check of this blog of an American who gave their life for the Haiti Orphans - http: // (no gaps)

    Now if I may point you in the direction of a few other blogs that are irritating me... :)

  2. good for you! you are totally right :)

  3. I used to read Stilleto's blog, I found it via Angry in Oman's blogroll. She used to be funny, but then after reading her blog for a few months I realised she was a totally crazy stuck up bitch. I even commented a few times but, similarily to your blog, she chose to moderate before posting my comments - not many of my observations did get through her moderation, but to her credit, she did let some through.

    I remember reading a blog post she wrote about buying some food at her camp's local supermarket, and the check out lady being on the phone and not working too efficiently... the tirade of abuse that she blogged as a result of that was the awakening for me - and then I realised the truth about her:

    She's a lonely stuck-up woman stuck in Saudi with nothing better to do than spend money and complain about things.

    It's quite sad really, because sometimes she really does blog some good stuff, but I think she's been in the sand too long, and the sun's baked her brain.

    Let it be a warning to us all - keep your perspective.

  4. I read her blog regularly, and is sometimes offensive, but this time it went beyond personal opinion..

    I'm glad you spoke out.. :)

  5. I'd seen her on Angry's blogroll but never paid much attention. Went and had a look after reading your fantastic rant - and what a cow! No need to head back over to that bad neighborhood.

  6. @Gatvol - Molly's story is truly heartbreaking and although she was lost to the cause, her family know she was a loving individual who stood for something.
    @ May - thank you for reading and for your support.
    @ Sythe - I couldn't agree more. Some of her stuff is actually very good and I am sure being in Saudi is challenging on the best of days. But her recent posts are really lacking any substance or shreds of humanity. I suggest that like attracts like, so I will read no more...I was truly angry the day I stumbled across her verbal garbage.
    @ Reality - cheers my dear ;)
    @ Muscato - Agreed, lets stay amongst friends as opposed to crossing over to the danger zone.
    Thanks for reading my rant x

  7. I find it usually a bit relieving, every time I read some blogs, to keep repeating to myself that there are no limits to stupidity and assholism.

  8. I have a feeling Stilleto's is receiving 'nuff hate mail these days. *sigh* Poor thing.... You're my hero, J ;)