Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Sorry all, I know I have been slack in writing but I haven't really had anything exciting to say (not that it means this post has any substance either) but I felt it was time to get back on the horse and see if my creative juices started flowing. But I have nothing, nada, zilch. It could be writers block or the fact that I am now addicted to watching UFC fights on TV and I just haven't been able to move the 2m to our PC from the couch (unless its for a coffee date or to do my daily Jillian Michael's workout) :)

Ok, so its not that bad but I just haven't had anything new to report so thought I would spare you the babble. Until now.

I haven't gone awol because that would involve actually going somewhere, which we have not. We wanted to use our free ferry tickets to Khasab over Eid, but alas Duma had to work 3 of the 5 public holidays and since our funds weren't flowing the way we would like, the hotel booked up before we could sort it out - all because my new employer doesn't understand my love of money and has been taking their sweet a$$ time coordinating the processing of my visa et al.

The latest saga is that the day before my confirmed first day of work, I get a call from the office stating the Ministry needs my original uni degrees (couldn't they have advised me of that way back when, to avoid the delay?) = ringing my Mum and Duma's mum to find them and then courier my documents from Australia to Oman. Seriously, the staff are lovely but there is a lot to be said for workplace efficiency and given that a BIG part of my job will be evaluating the HR policies and processes, I already have a fair few ideas and new initiatives to implement given personal experience. Its fair to say that being nice doesn't pay the bills, only a job or sugar daddy does...and as I retired my single card long ago, sadly my only option is a J-O-B.

I have to keep reminding myself that we really are blessed and things could be worse...amongst all the delays and drama, Oman is a beautiful place and being different isn't wierd, its just different. So I breathe deeply, guzzle my umpteenth coffee, remember that things take time and patience, even though the latter was never one of my best traits.

Our Eid plans to go out of town flopped (but we did squeeze in a sunset ferry cruise as above, dolphin watching and snorkeling), buying our a new car has been delayed and my sanity is hinging on when I start work - not to mention that I'm getting sick of explaining (and then laughing hysterically) with my friends why I haven't started work yet...because of course the first thing they ask is "How is your new job?" considering I accepted it over 3 weeks ago. Its to the point now that its actually funny.

Timeline as follows:

15/9 - 1st IV with company (get steamrolled by the external consultant as he seemed more focused on stroking his ego and demonstrating his IV skills to Management by highlighting what I can't do, as opposed to what I can and discussing my competencies and experience). Told I will hear back after Eid but not holding my breath.

27/9 - Eid well and truly over and still no word so I sent an email. The next day I receive a response stating that I will find out tomorrow insha'allah* as the board needs to decide on a few things.

* 'If Allah wills it' aka used loosely and often to put off anything that one cannot be bothered doing / is out of their hands / may or may not happen / hopeful but not likely.) AND when it comes to getting furniture delivered or internet installed, it usually means...wait a while...a LONG while.

4/10 - Received email stating I am suitable for 2nd IV TBC insha'allah.

12/10 - 2nd IV goes really well, apparently there is a newly created position for me but requires GM sign off.

9/11 - Nearly a month, countless emails later (from my end) and after 2 other job offers, I receive the offer letter by email. Apparently it has been sitting on the GM's desk and waiting for his initials since 12/10.

22/11 - Medical tests completed, advised they will be processed by 5/12 due to Eid.

5/12 - Receive a call from the company stating that everything is good to go, but they need my original university certificates, which of course are in Australia and need to be couriered = more delays!

So...after 3 months of running around and chasing my tail, here's hoping that I will be sitting in my new office, in my new work clothes, reading my new work emails and writing new blog posts from my new work 2010 - INSHA'ALLAH folks !!!



  1. LOL - Welcome to Oman!! You will soon get used to and fall in love with the laid back attitude, it is very infectious and a welcome relief (for me anyway) from the rat race...In a months time you will be wishing that yours papers had taken longer to process ;0)

    Hope the new job goes well - once you start!

  2. Ha Thanks ED - I know I will miss my freedom once I start reporting to someone other than myself and relying on them for $$$, but I just get so bloody frustrated because I'm a planner, anal about being organised and hate having no control lol.

    Looks like I'm going to redefine myself over here and will end up going home as chilled out as a cool Rastafarian/Jamaican minus the marijuana :) And I'm on my way to the dreads too, not one haircut here in 3 months but I'm sorting that out tomorrow :)

    Cheers for stopping by, love your blog x