Friday, April 23, 2010

Ever seen an Omani "Mullet" ???

Best described as the off-spring of a jerry curl and rats tail...all business up the front in all their curly but groomed and perfectly 'edged' glory, with a distinctive 'tail' at the back. Think of an early Michael Jackson meets Billy Ray Cyrus singing "Achy Breaky Heart", meets Wesley Snipes from the movie "Blade" (the precise edgework/trim, not the flat-top)...that's it!

They are known to travel in packs and are all the rage at Muscat City Centre on a Thursday night.

Tend to be worn by (but not limited to) young men between 14 - 25, wearing bling-bling bejewelled jeans reminiscent of Ed Hardy, and too much hairspray and/or gel.

I was fascinated and dying to sneakily snap a photo of one, but the boys were so amused by Duma and all his white/tall glory (I won't take any credit for the staring, it was all about D) that they were just as equally taken by us as we were by them.
I guess you could say that we shared a mutually satisfying few moments, extended the old "head/chin lift" of respect and went on about our business.

** Tangent for the day - how GOOD is it to be able to walk through the malls now, given there is no smoking indoors? Hooray! And I digress **

So, why didn't I think to get a photo WITH them you ask? Because my current crackberry doesn't have a camera - the shame! Which is precisely why I am waiting for my 9700 to arrive in the mail (a recent purchase after getting jealous of Duma's new fancy shmancy gadget of an HTC Legend for his birthday). Let the fun times begin when I get that baby, it is going to be full steam ahead with Facebook uploads and paparazzi moments.

So don't fret, if we can bear the crazy crowds again (seriously, is the whole of Muscat shopping at Carrefour on a Thursday night?) I may just have to venture back to MCC in a couple of weeks to get a sneaky peak shot for you...which is pretty much a done deal now that La Senza is open and I'm overdue in paying Zara and MAC a visit :)

Trust me, it will be worth the wait...Omani mullets are stare-worthy and mouth-openingly awesome!

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